Report sightings in Feral Scan

We have partnered with Feral Scan, a free and easy-to-use mobile phone app that will help you record information about feral deer in our local area.

Benefits of using Deer Scan

  1. Help us all develop a better understanding of deer across our region to better guide local control efforts
  2. Automatically notify regional deer control coordinators, and the North Coast Local Land Services.
  3. Help keep people in our community safe, especially if deer are present around roadways.
  4. Help us to help landholders to reduce deer problems across our entire region.

What to record

  1. Sightings and evidence (e.g. photos & prints)
  2. Species type (if known)
  3. Damage (e.g. browsing of trees)
  4. Control activities (e.g. ground shooting)

You can record information about deer into FeralScan via the website or via the FeralScan Pest Mapping App (download Apple or Android).

Please note, all information you record will be managed securely and privately, and will not be visible to the general public without seeking your consent.

How to use the website

  1. Open the DeerScan website and select Record Deer (or click here)
  2. Zoom to your local area
  3. Select Record-Data (top left of the Map)
  4. Enter the details of your sighting and select Submit

How to use the App

  1. Install the free FeralScan app on your mobile device
  2. Once installed, open the App and select the DeerScan icon.
  3. Allow the App to use your current location, or select a new location on the Map
  4. Answer the questions and Submit your observation.

Other ways to report feral deer sightings

You can also report feral deer activity by contacting Local Land Services  on 1300 795 299 or email

Report feral deer in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Download FeralScan, open the app and select Deer.
Step 2: Choose 'Record Sighting'.
Step 3: Allow the App to use your location, or open the Map.
Step 4: Select the species you saw (if known) and answer the questions.
Step 5: Submit your observation.